EDAS s.r.o. – Bratislava
Nám. A. Hlinku 1
831 06 Bratislava – Rača

Tel: 00421-(0)2-44873604, 44886182/159
Fax: 00421-(0)2-44886175
E-mail: info@edas.sk

About us

EDAS s.r.o. is present in the Slovak Republic for more than 20 years with own operative structures as a follow-up to the experience and international contacts of consultants who have been operating in the markets of Middle- Eastern Europe for last 30 years.

EDAS s.r.o. is a service agency counting on the continuous cooperation of a pool of qualified Slovak and Italian professionals specialised in internationalization and international business development.

EDAS s.r.o. is member of IC&Partners group, a network of consulting companies specialised in developing, coordinating and assisting business initiatives and investment projects – with own operative structures – in Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Brazil, Russian Federation, and China.

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