EDAS s.r.o. – Bratislava
Nám. A. Hlinku 1
831 06 Bratislava – Rača

Tel: 00421-(0)2-44873604, 44886182/159
Fax: 00421-(0)2-44886175
E-mail: info@edas.sk


Commercial operations, selection of business partners, bi/multilateral compensation operations, assistance in negotiations and contracts, insurance, foreign exchange, customs procedures, interpreting and translation.

Decentralisation of production, identification of partners for joint ventures, location of industrial plants, subcontracting agreements, total assistance (selection, agreement, translation, finalization and implementation of contracts, and technical and administrative coordination of the relationship with the partner).

Production processes and technologies: assignment, sale, trade in licences and industrial procedures and processes, know-how and technologies, transfers of licences, trademarks and patents.

Support Research and evaluation, in order to verify potential markets for companies and products, analysis of the legislative and administrative situation, analysis of the main socio-political and economic-financial indicators of countries where business is to be strategically established.

Research and organisation for the constitution of new seats in Italy and abroad for companies and entities so composed: office, representative office, own operative seat.

Real estate initiatives, assistance and organisation of activities concerning research and promotion of real estate initiatives abroad.

Selection, development, and training of human resources, according to specific need of customers. Notably, we offer linguistic and legislative educational patterns as well as “training on the job”.

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