EDAS s.r.o. – Bratislava
Nám. A. Hlinku 1
831 06 Bratislava – Rača

Tel: 00421-(0)2-44873604, 44886182/159
Fax: 00421-(0)2-44886175
E-mail: info@edas.sk


M&A Assistance for acquisition, merger, joint ventures, purchase and sale of company shares, corporate facilities or company divisions. Complete assistance in strategic analysis of such operations, from researches to selection of companies, through negotiations, up to finalization of transaction and implementation of legal obligations.

Financing: Finding of mid-term financial means in line with industrial renovation or new initiatives. Activation of financial resources provided by community programmes for the research of partners and activation of investments programmes. Assistance and organization of new co-financing active forms together with international institutions. Finding of short-term financial means in line with operations such as disposal and advance loan on receivables in the foreign market.

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