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On 12 February 2013, Bratislava acted as a snowy framework of an event promoted by the Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with EDAS a.s., in order to collect funds destined to the municipality of Cavezzo (the Italian seat of EDAS s.r.o.), stricken by two earthquakes on 20 and 29 May 2012. This fund-raising evening event was held on Mardi Gras, the final day of Carnival celebrations. More than one hundred people participated and happily wore their Carnival masks…

The event was animated by two musical bands: Nessuna pretesa, from Emilia, and La3no Cubano, from Slovakia.

The event also featured gastronomical products such as frappe, salami, Lambrusco wine, and other typical Italian products.

The event was attended by the Italian ambassador, H.E. Roberto Martini, the Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce Alberto Gerotto, the General-Secretary of the Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce Giorgio Dovigi, and by the mayor of Cavezzo Stefano Draghetti, who personally withdrew the amount of money raised during the event: € 3,668.00.


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